February 21, 2018

Oracle Intelligent Bots: Getting Started with Chat bots - My First Chat Bot- Part 2

Continuation of Oracle Intelligent Bots: Getting Started with Chat bots - Part 1

Now you have the basic knowledge about the Oracle chat bot environment. Let's see how to use this environment and create our first chatbot.

  • Click on New Chatbot

  • Enter Name of the bot which is a mandatory field, and description is optional
  • Your bot window will be opened
  • Before, doing further steps, the bot has a default flow to greet the user. So, let's test the bot first. 
  • Click on "Run" icon which is on top right corner
  • Test window will be opened
  • Type anything to start the bot flow. Let's say, "Hi". Now you can see the bot response as below
  • Let's see the dialog flow for this default bot
  • If you observe the dialog flow, we can see different sections but below are very important out of those
    • Variables: variables created to use in entire bot in any state.
    • States: To define the flow in various states. 
    • System.Intent: Is a component name which will map the user input with the corresponding intent and its state defined in the flow
  • Now, let's change this bot
  • Goto Intents
  • Click on the "+ Intent" button to create new Intent
  • Give a name to the Intent. Ex: MyBot
  • Give some statements to identify the intent under "Examples" section, which we call as utterances
  • Select "Flow" from left menu and write the YAML code as below
  • You can observe a button called "+ Components" on top left corner in "Flow" which provides a menu to choose system components
  • In the flow, the first state is "startBot" which is to identify the intent and the corresponding state 
  • If you enter any statement which does not match with any of the utterances, then it will go to "unresolvedIntent"
  • Now run the bot. Let's type "Hi" again. This time you can see a message which we defined to "unresolvedIntent"
  • Now, give any statement from the given utterances like "about". You can see the defined flow will be started. And the bot  will look like as below

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