February 25, 2014

Invoking constructor twice in JSFF with panelTabbed component

I have a JSFF page which has panelTabbed component with four tabs and one of the tabs is displaying data from a managed bean. While loading the page, the bean constructor is being called twice. To avoid this add the below property to the panelTabbed tag,  which will avoid loading the tab data until it shows.


February 24, 2014

Fitting ADF application in an html iFrame

If you want to display or fit an ADF application in an iFrame, you have to add below  statement to web.xml file.


Content Compression

Add the below statement to the web.xml to disable content compression so that we can see the fusion css classes to each component.


Including a JSF page into another JSF page

Like jsp page, we can also include a JSF page into another JSF page by using the same jsp directive jsp:include.


<jsp:include page="test.jspx" flush="true"></jsp:include>