September 25, 2017

Passwordless Login using Account Kit, SDK from Facebook

Many apps are required to register. As per a survey, many users are leaving apps just because they don’t remember passwords. Many users don’t enter the app as they don’t like the long registration process. Even If the app provides social login (like Facebook login), few users do not want to share their social account details with the apps.

Another survey tells that users are interested to register using their phone numbers as smart phone users are growing. So, the best way to get more users to any app is to provide sign up using either
  • Phone number
  • Or Email
  • Or Social logins like Facebook

Social login is a common implementation, many developers may already know how to implement. But if you want to authenticate using either of the first two methods, then Facebook is providing an SDK called Account Kit to register using just phone number or email.
Click here to know more details about Account Kit