October 31, 2022

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service: Testing the application with multiple user security roles

In this post, we will see how to test an application by changing the required user roles.

While developing an application in Oracle VBCS, we may need to test some features of the application with a specific user role and other features with a different user role.

To achieve this, we may need multiple user logins which have required roles individually.

However, while developing an application, we have a feature in VBCS to change the roles dynamically at application run time and test.

This feature is very much useful because it reduces the number of logins and skips the navigations in the application development phase.

In this post, we will see the various options available in VBCS to achieve this.

Option 1: We can have a login page and authorize the application based on logged-in users' roles.

Option 2: 

  • Go to application settings
  • Go to the "User Roles" tab. All the roles will be listed if available to the app. Also, we can create new roles. Below is the screenshot for your reference.
User Roles in VBCS application

  • We can add the users or groups to the roles by clicking on the "Assign groups and users" role listed in the tab. Please check the below screenshots for your reference.

  • Click on the "Save Changes" button
  • Note, the application should be staged after this change.
Option 3: 
  • Go to the "Page designer" of any page of the application
  • View the page in "Design" mode
  • Click on the icon as shown on the below screen
  • Select/de-select the roles required and run the app

For more details on securing the VBCS application, you can visit the documentation here.