September 30, 2014

Undeploy app from EM console

This post is to tell how to undeploy an installed application from EM (Enterprise Manager) console.
Below are the steps to do the same.

  • Login into em console
  • Expand the domain
  • Expand Application Deployments and then Internal Applications
  • Select the application and right click on that
  • From Application Deployment menu, select "Undeploy..." option (see the below image)
  • It will open the confirmation screen, click undeploy button on top of the screen and proceed the instructions to undeploy the app.

September 10, 2014

Displaying alert message on AMX page from Managed Bean

Below java code is useful to display alert messages on AMX pages in MAF from managed bean.

   "function(){navigator.notification.alert('<message>',  function(){}, '<alert-title>', '<button-text>');}",
   new Object[] { });


"function(){navigator.notification.alert('Request has been submited.',  function(){}, 'Information', 'OK');}", new Object[] { });

<feature-id> is the id of the feature on which you want to display the alert message
<message> is the message you want to display on the alert box
<alert-title> is the tile you want to display on the alert box
<button-text> is the text to be displayed on the button on alert box

Install apk file in Android emulator

In the command prompt, go to the path of bin folder under android sdk and run the below command.

adb install <apk file>