November 16, 2012

Configuring Discussion Server to Webcenter Spaces

Below are the steps to configure the discussion server with webcenter spaces

          1)      Open the EM console: http://<host>:port/em
          2)      Go to “Service Configuration” Option in Webcenter domain as shown in the below screen
           3)      Select “Discussions & Announcements” from the list available

           4)      Click on Add button, you will get the below screen

           5)      Enter details in the screen as shown below

           6)      Make sure you are giving correct address for Server URL and admin user of the discussion server

           7)      And also check policies if you required to any specific one from the list

           8)      Click on Test and then Click on OK

           9)      Restart Spaces managed server for that host

Verifying Discussion Service in Spaces

By following the below steps, you can confirm that the discussion server is configured to webcenter spaces.
           1)      Login to webcenter admin: http://<host>:8888/webcenter
           2)      Go to Administrator àConfiguration àServices
           3)      You can see a Service named Discussions
           4)      Click on the “Discussions” service, will display their settings

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