May 27, 2012

Passing parameters to a Bounded Task flow

Follow the below procedure to pass the parameters to a task flow.

  1. Create a Task flow, flowA
  2. Add a jspx page PageA and a taskflow definition (flowB) to flowA
  3. Create a control flow case between PageA and FlowB
  4. Go to flowA’s overview tab
    1. In managebeans, create a managed bean
    2. In Parametrs, create a return value definitions to the bean value
  5. Double Click on FlowB icon in FlowA.xml and create the task flow flowB
  6. Go to flowB’s overview tab
    1. In parameters, create an input paratemeter definition
  7. Add a jspx page to flowB and create the page to display the input parameter
  8. Selecte flowB icon in flowA.xml
    1. In the properties, under parameters, add an input parameter and give the name as given to the input parameter in flowB overview, and select the value as the variable of the bean


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