April 27, 2017

Error: oracle.maf.impl.cd.datasynch not found

[maf 2.3.1]

I am developing a mobile application with MCS offline sync feature using Oracle MAF. I have used AMPA for the implementation. After deploying the application, on click of "Pending Sync Actions", I got the below error.

Feature not found with id "oracle.maf.impl.cd.datasynch"

This is because the library might be deleted or corrupted in the application. To avoid this error, we need to re-add the library. Below is the procedure to do so.
  • Go to application properties -> Libraries and Classpath
  • If you see libraries "DataSynchFeature.jar" and "WebServiceCallsFeature.jar", remove them
  • Click on "Add JAR/Directory..." and go to the path <jdev_home>/jdeveloper/jdev/extensions/oracle.maf/FARs/CDM
  • Selet both the jar files "DataSynchFeature.jar" and "WebServiceCallsFeature.jar" and add them
  • Click Ok
Now clean and re-deploy the application. It worked for me.

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