July 16, 2015

WriteFiles – a java tool to integrate multiple text files into a single file

WriteFiles is a java tool to integrate several textual files to a single file. In some scenarios like where we need to copy all source code  or text files into a document or a text file. It is difficult to copy the content of all the files manually. For example, if you take java application where there will be several source files under different packages, it starts from a root directory (package), includes sub directories and their sub directories and so on. Each directory or sub  directory may have their individual java classes. If you want to copy all these source files including the files in the sub folders, think how difficult it is to do so. WriteFiles tool can help you to do the same.

Below is the GUI screenshot of the tool.

Click here to download the tool and also the source code of the tool can be downloaded from here.

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