June 15, 2015

FAQ Creator

"FAQ Creator" is a tool developed in java helps to create FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) html files. This tool provides an user interface as below  and the procedure to add this tool is:

  • Provide a file name including path to which the content will be written.
  • Enter a question and its answer in the corresponding text fields.
  • Click on "Save&Next" to save the question and answer to the buffer. And the same will be added to the list box in the left side of the GUI. 
  • If you want to edit the question or answer, select the question from the list box. The question and the answer will be displayed in the corresponding text boxes, so that they can be modified, or click on the "Delete" button to delete the same question from the list or buffer.  
  • Once all the questions and answers are entered in the tool, click on the button "Done". It will write the content from the tool to the file with the given name. 

Below is the sample output of the tool.

Click here to download the tool. And source code of this tool also can be downloaded from here.

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