October 12, 2014

How to enable Contribution Folders in Webcenter Content

If the “Contribution Folders” under Browse Content is not visible, please follow the below procedure to enable it.
  • Login to webcenter content
  • Under Administration menu, go to Admin Server and select “Component Manager” option
  • Select “advanced component manager” option

  • Under disabled components, select “Folders_g” and click on enable button
  • Please note that, while enabling “Folders_g”, if “FrameworkFolders” is enabled, then disable it, because both the options should not be enabled. Either of those should be enabled at a time
  • Now, you will see an alert message to restart the server
  • Restart the content server
  • After restart, if you login to webcenter content and go to “Browse Content”, you can see the “Contribution Folders”

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