June 21, 2013

Using HTTP Analyzer

JDeveloper provides a tool called “Http Analyzer “ which is very useful when we are using web service in our application and if we want to see what input request, the application is being sent to server via web service.

To start using the “Http Analyzer”, please do the below steps.

  • Go to Tools menu of JDeveloper and select Http Analyzer
  • Click on “Start HTTP Analyzer” button (Green button like arrow)
  • Start the Integrated web logic server and run the application
  • Do the necessary actions to invoke webservice integrated in the application
  • Now we can see request sent is logged in the HTTP Analyzer
  • Click on the request, it will open the XML request being sent to the server

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  1. I am new to Oracle products and tools. How do you learn all these things? most of the time I feel like helpless.