January 9, 2013

Invoking actions before loading the JSF or JSFF page

If we want to invoke the operations like Create or CreateInsert of a data control while loading the page, we can achieve this by doing below

  • Open JSF or JSFF page, go to bindings tab
  • In the “Executables”, click on “+” symbol to add, select InvokeActions options from the given list
  • Enter some ID to the action and select Binds from the given list
  • Select the action and click on pencil icon to edit it, “Common Properties” window will be opened
  • Go to common tab, select a value to Refresh (for example, every time when the JSF page is loaded, if the create action needs be executed then the refresh value should be “always”)
  • Give the Refresh Condition
  • Click on Finish
  • Move the action to the top of the “Executables” as shown in the below image


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