September 10, 2015

Search App

I have developed another android app, named it as "Search App". It is very simple app.

A single point to search any app on your device.

You may have many apps on your device. You may also maintain groups on your device for those apps. When you want to open an app, you have to travel till that app and click on it. If you have 5 screens on the home and if your app is on the 5th screen, you have to navigate to the 5th screen and open the app.

Search app will be single point to search and open any app on your device.

Just type few letters of your app name in the search field and your app will be filtered.
Just tap on it, your app will be opened.

 Search App

August 18, 2015

Connect Git hub with JDeveloper

This post is to learn how to connect Git hub server to JDeveloper. Github is providing a Github Desktop client to connect github repository. But if you are a JDeveloper user, then you can also connect the repository from the JDeveloper. I am using JDeveloper version: in this example and below is the procedure to do it.

Open the JDeveloper. Under the Team menu select "Connect Git" option.

Below screen will be shown
Click Next. You will be prompted for Git details as shown below.
Enter Repository Name: This should match with any branch name in the repository you want to connect.
Enter repository URL: make sure you have ".git"  at the end of the URL.
Enter username and password of the repository.

Click Next. You will see a window fetching the branches from the given repository.

 It will list out all the branches in the given repository as shown below.
 Un-select the branches which are not required.

Click Next. Below window will be shown which prompts for destination folder to where the project will be downloaded from the selected branch, clone name and check out branch from which you want to download the project.
Click Next. It will show the final summary window as below.

Click Finish. It will create a local repository and download the project from the selected Git branch to the local folder and open the project in JDeveloper.

July 16, 2015


WriteFiles is a java tool to integrate several textual files to a single file. In some scenarios like where we need to copy all source code  or text files into a document or a text file. It is difficult to copy the content of all the files manually. For example, if you take java application where there will be several source files under different packages, it starts from a root directory (package), includes sub directories and their sub directories and so on. Each directory or sub  directory may have their individual java classes. If you want to copy all these source files including the files in the sub folders, think how difficult it is to do so. WriteFiles tool can help you to do the same.

Below is the GUI screenshot of the tool.

Click here to download the tool and also the source code of the tool can be downloaded from here.