June 5, 2015

Tool to import data from Excel To Database


                 ExcelToDB is a tool developed in java to import data from MS-Excel to different data bases like MS-Access or Oracle. Currently this tool supports only these two database, but you can extend it to other databases if you required.

Click here to download the tool. You can also get the source code of this tool here and you are free to edit the code as per your need.

  • Double click on the executable jar file ExcelToDB.jar or run the java command “jar –d ExcelToDB.jar” to open the tool

  • Choose the source excel file (.xls or .xlsx) from which the data to be copied
  • Enter the sheet name of the excel file where the data is existed (Default value is Sheet1)
  • Select the data base type either MS-Access or Oracle 
  • If Access is selected, the window will be as follows
  • Choose the target MS-Access database file
  • And also pass the table name, user name and password of the database
  • If the databse type is selected as Oracle then the window will be changed as below
  • Pass the host name of the oracle server, table name to which the data to be copied, user name and password of the database to the tool
  • Click on “Click the button to import” to start the process of importing data from excel to the database

June 4, 2015

Box Game

BoxGame is a  number game developed in java, which opens a window with 16 cells filled with numbers from 1 to 15 and a blank cell filled with green color. All these numbers including blank cell are arranged randomly across the window. Use the arrow keys to play the game. When you press any arrow key, the blank cell will move accordingly.

For example, if you press left arrow key, the blank cell will move left, if you press up arrow key, the blank cell will move up. When the blank cell is moved, it will swap its position with the corresponding cell. By this process, you have to arrange the numbers from 1 to 15 in an ascending order, ignoring the blank cell, which means blank cell can be in the first position or at the last position.

Click here to download the game.

June 3, 2015

Access To Excel

AccessToExcel is a tool developed using VBA script in MS-Excel. This tool is a macro enabled excel file. This tool helps to import data from MS-Access to MS-Excel. When the file is opened, it will open an input text box where we need to provide the path of the MS-Access file from which you want to import data and table details, then the tool will import entire data from the table to the MS-Excel file.  

Click here to download the file.

Note: This tool can not work for password protected MS-Access files.